Beta 1.2.4 Update - Feb 16, 2024
New feature
With this update, we introduce the new learning system. By default, it's switched on in the panel. You can hover with your courser over the main tools and get tips on what they do, how to use them, and what can be achieved with that tool.

In later releases, we are going to expand the help system.
  1. Increased overall performance
  2. Increased the speed of Delete command execution in the asset tree
  3. The Game Scourge Game: added tips
Bug Fixes
  1. Adding the game flow into the trigger - fixed
  2. Export to the disk - fixed
  3. Game Flow performance when making a prefab copy from it - fixed
Beta 1.2.3 Update - Jan 15, 2024
New feature
We used to say: sky’s the limit for your creativity. But the sky's not limiting your creativity anymore with MANU’s new skybox!

With our updated skybox feature, you get full control on the atmosphere of your game! There are two new skybox usage modes: easy and advanced. Easy mode lets you create in a couple of clicks good looking skies for your game with no sweat.

In the advanced mode, sky gets fully adjustable in our PBR pipeline: the texture of your skies reflects in the metal objects, and impacts the indirect ambient lighting.

In MANU, click on the Globe icon, and find the sky in the list of environment elements.
  1. Increased overall performance
  2. Improved turns when using Alt Space + LMB
Bug Fixes
  1. Imported objects’ animations creation and move - fixed
  2. IsGlobal parameter for prefabs - fixed
  3. Asset import window - fixed
  4. Duplicated prefab tag animation - fixed
  5. Trigger disablement after adding to group - fixed
  6. Collisions working in a newly created game flow - fixed
  7. Multiple crash scenarios fixed:
  • While switching between animations
  • Trigger cut in Game Flow
  • Prefab movement into the group
  • Import/export parent prefab duplicate
  • Undo node deletion in Game Flow
  • Various assets import
  • Minimize/maximize window in Game Mode
Beta 1.2.2 Update - Nov 8, 2023
New feature
Ahoy! MANU introduces an updated Environment element: Sea.
With this tool you can make your game's atmosphere more immersive by adding realistic and adjustable water. Easily set up wave trajectory, length, sharpness, tint, as well as wind direction.

In MANU, click on Globe icon, and find the sea in the list of environment elements. Fair winds and following seas!
  1. Increased overall performance
  2. Minor camera settings improved
  3. Duplicated objects in the asset tree - fixed
  4. Reduced operations processing time:
  • Prefabs: detach, duplicate, copying and pasting
  • Triggers: duplicate, copying, pasting
  • Variables: deletion; math formulas symbols input
  • Asset browser: assets import; asset paste to the asset tree
  • Nodes: assigning color mark
Bug Fixes
  • Character set related issue: UTF-8 usage in project titles and duplicated object names - fixed
  • Triggers data cleansing - fixed
  • Prefab and regular objects movement operation - fixed
  • Launcher: animations speed bug - fixed
  • Multiple crash scenarios fixed:
  1. Cancelling adding parameter in the timeline
  2. Prefab object deletion after "prefab detach" operation
  3. Switching objects on and off after returning from the game mode
Beta 1.2.1 Update - Oct 18, 2023
New feature
Artificial Intelligence: ChatGPT Integration for storytelling, state machine & game flow generation.

Use powerful Artificial Intelligence tool to help you speed up your game creation process. Ask AI to create an NPC behavior pattern, quest logic, cut scene scenario, or level play-through idea - and easily integrate it to your project. Click here to watch the how-to video
  • Increased overall stability of MANU
  • New functionality: Detach, rename functions for prefab character
  • Improvements & Bug fix: Nebula Rivals: Arena; Stellar Conquest Templates
  • Tags migration while copying resources to new project support
  • Compare trigger initiated animation improvements
  • Game Flow: Nodes selection improvement
  • Variables performance improvements including fixing the prefab duplicates error
Bug Fixes
  • Font rendering - fixed
  • Animations and variables renaming - fixed
  • Paint group display - fixed
  • Mesh rendering while camera spinning - fixed
  • MANU crash while working with State Machine - fixed
  • Adding variables for object's duplicates - fixed
  • Inserted animation copying - fixed
  • First launch state machine display - fixed

Beta 1.2.0 Release - Sept 30, 2023
MANU Video Game Maker 1.2.0 release introduced a new big set of features and opportunities for the users. Now, you can make games of various genres, use prefabs to streamline the game development process, and export your creations to MANU Marketplace!

Multiplayer Support
Now, you can create multiplayer games in MANU with just a couple of clicks - and with no coding or creating and maintaining server infrastructure. You can just one asset from MANU Marketplace - Network Game Manager, and enjoy a multiplayer game for up to 4 people.

Animation system
Every game in MANU is a string of animations: you see moving objects and interact with them. Instead of programming, you simply make things move - and create new realms based on your ideas in an easy-to-use visual sequencer.

Animation of all the parameters of game world objects
Any parameter of any object can be changed on a timeline like a string of animations.

Maths formulas support
Alternatively, any parameter of any object can be changed mathematically; sin, cosine, etc

Sound editing
Mono and stereo sound can be inserted into the animation timeline and managed like any other sequence

Animations reuse in other timelines
Unlimited usage of the created animation in any other timeline

Tags for a group animation
You can mark the set of objects with a tag to change the parameters of the entire group at once

Trigger management system
For animations, Game Flow, and state machines to work in your game, you need to set triggering conditions for them and trigger them when those conditions are met. These conditions are tracked by objects called triggers.

Triggers consist of conditions. Such conditions can be either one or several. Several conditions can be combined using Boolean logic to make more complex triggers.

Trigger management tool
You can start any in-game event based on the circumstances that are happening inside the game

Various types of trigger events
The triggers can work with any entity in MANU: objects, animations, state machines, keyboard controls, multiplayer actions, transactions within the game, object collisions, and the beginning and the end of the scene.

Triggers: start, end, continue
You can set up the start of animation at the beginning and the end and while the entire event
Game flow toolkit
When creating even a small game, it's easy to lose control of the logic of game interactions or the thread of the narrative. To get the most control over your project, we created the Game Flow tool. It's a scene object with a visual node editor, where you can design your game before you even put a single game object on the stage.
Game Flow links between the Animation, Trigger, State Machine, and Game Flow objects and sets the interaction and narrative logic for your game.

State machine
An easy-to-use visual editor for state machines to set up object behavior

Visual development of the game mechanics
You can easily set up complicated game mechanics, NPCs, cut scene start and endings, or other game scenario events in a visual editor.

Prefabricated assets
An Asset is a term that generally stands for anything that goes into a video game – characters, objects, sound effects, maps, textures, materials, environments, etc.

Reusable and modifiable assets
Any asset that was created within one game can be updated and reused in another game

Complex assets
You can create complex assets by combining smaller ones

Asset browser
An easy-to-use tool for navigation and organisation of the assets within the project

MANU Marketplace
MANU's own marketplace is used for exchanging game assets and game publishing.
Users can download the assets created by other community members or upload and share the ones made by themselves.
Depth of field
Set up the depth of field of the game camera to focus the player on the important moment of the game

Chromatic aberration
Chromatic aberration is used to smooth the contour of any object so it gets a cinematic effect

Bloom effect of luminous objects of the game imitates overexposure to add up to the cinema effect of the game

Color correction
Manages the mood within the scene of the game setting up the hues, contrast, and brightness

Screen space ambient occlusion
Simulates global illumination & secondary shadows in the scene
Supported import formats
Users can import animations created in other editors, including support for Mixamo.

Sound: wav, mp3, and ogg formats.
Objects: FBX, Obj, DAE, BLEND, and gltf formats.
Textures: PNG, JPEG, and TIFF formats.

Game genres & modes
By type:
Third person
Platformer / Side Scroller

By visuals:

By number of players:
Single player
Multiplayer - up to 4 players
MANU Marketplace