MANU is here
To remove any obstacle between talent and audience. No coding. No studying. Start creating now!
Our unique animation system helps you create games without coding
Save a lot of development time and enjoy convenient and joyful way to develop game mechanics. Have fun while creating.
User-friendly system with no coding! Customize and launch animations the way you want it, either from the beginning of the game or after specific events.
Set up and modify any custom values on the go, including health, ammunition and speed of character or object movement.
Use simple tools to create and reuse animation sequences that will improve your development process and ease the workflow.
Create advanced game animations in the timeline using basic Excel-like formulas, which are easy to master.
Create enhanced visuals
Improve the visuals of the game
with realistic surfaces, based on PBR (Physically Based Rendering) technology.
Import and customize animated characters with ease from your favorite 3D-editor or asset library.
Duplicate any game mechanic, function or game-ready asset however you wish. Yes, even bots with advanced behavior patterns.
Custom main character and its animations
Reuse any objects and assets to speed-up the development
Export your games to Windows and macOS
User-friendly and roomy workspace in MANU helps creators to always stay focused on their ideas, not the interface. Enjoy 3 separate modes to build, animate and play your games.
Unlimited variety of 3D models
Always focused on the current task
Fast and efficient. Work with complex projects and large scenes.
Export your game to the most popular desktop platforms in just a couple clicks and share it with everyone.
Import the most common 3D formats from your favorite service to fill the game with animated objects or characters you really need and enjoy the support of .FBX, .DAE, .OBJ. No limits for your artistic view ever again.
Try Exciting Games #MadeWithMANU
"Dulle Griet" is an exciting third-person action-adventure with a melee combat system, archers, boss, dialogues, and quests. We will talk about the challenges of developing a game and how to solve them using the MANU engine.
Platformer story-based adventure game. The cursed king has to find a way to obtain freedom and defeat evil wizard. So far, it is one of the best demoes made on MANU engine, with the introduction of cutscenes, in-game interface, rich sound environment and variable gameplay. 'The Curse' took a well-deserved first place in MANU Game Jam 2021, scoring 349 points from our team!
The Curse
Mars Miner is a brand new tech prototype by Chris «Daytaurato» Daytaur. You'll see some gameplay elements like collectibles, exploration, digging and flying in space! We are sure this demo will resonate to all the fans of Minecraft, Terraria or Starbound.
Not a single line of code, though.
Mars Miner
MANU new flagship tech demo introduces Alpha 1.1 advanced visuals and game mechanics, including different behavior patterns for AI bots, game in-engine cinematics, and even first-person view. Not a single line of code, though.
Hard Landing
There are no limits for MANU. If you wish to create low-poly voxel game, you can do it. Check out our updated tech demo "Hector's Treasure"!
Hector's Treasure
Low-poly tech demo, made without a single line of code.
Desert Adventure
Created for
3D Artists
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