Part 1: Modes
Let’s start with the three main modes MANU is equipped with: Edit, Animation, and Play. You can find those three buttons in the upper-middle of the screen.
Edit Mode is where the asset placement takes place. Position, scale, and rotation settings appear while selecting an asset. This mode also allows you to make changes to the assets on the Assets tree.
Animation Mode lets you work with animations. It is used for anything related to animations, whether it is importing existing or creating new ones. Inside animations, you can animate the position, scale, and rotation of an asset with the usage of Excel-type formulas. Animations help you build your game logic by animating the asset you work with.
  1. Increased overall performance
  2. Improved turns when using Alt Space + LMB
Bug Fixes
  1. Imported objects’ animations creation and move - fixed
  2. IsGlobal parameter for prefabs - fixed
  3. Asset import window - fixed
  4. Duplicated prefab tag animation - fixed
  5. Trigger disablement after adding to group - fixed
  6. Collisions working in a newly created game flow - fixed
  7. Multiple crash scenarios fixed:
  • While switching between animations
  • Trigger cut in Game Flow
  • Prefab movement into the group
  • Import/export parent prefab duplicate
  • Undo node deletion in Game Flow
  • Various assets import
  • Minimize/maximize window in Game Mode
Beta 1.2.2 Update - Nov 8, 2023
New feature
Ahoy! MANU introduces an updated Environment element: Sea.
With this tool you can make your game's atmosphere more immersive by adding realistic and adjustable water. Easily set up wave trajectory, length, sharpness, tint, as well as wind direction.

In MANU, click on Globe icon, and find the sea in the list of environment elements. Fair winds and following seas!
  1. Increased overall performance
  2. Minor camera settings improved
  3. Duplicated objects in the asset tree - fixed
  4. Reduced operations processing time:
  • Prefabs: detach, duplicate, copying and pasting
  • Triggers: duplicate, copying, pasting
  • Variables: deletion; math formulas symbols input
  • Asset browser: assets import; asset paste to the asset tree
  • Nodes: assigning color mark
Bug Fixes
  • Character set related issue: UTF-8 usage in project titles and duplicated object names - fixed
  • Triggers data cleansing - fixed
  • Prefab and regular objects movement operation - fixed
  • Launcher: animations speed bug - fixed
  • Multiple crash scenarios fixed:
  1. Cancelling adding parameter in the timeline
  2. Prefab object deletion after "prefab detach" operation
  3. Switching objects on and off after returning from the game mode
Beta 1.2.1 Update - Oct 18, 2023
New feature
Artificial Intelligence: ChatGPT Integration for storytelling, state machine & game flow generation.

Use powerful Artificial Intelligence tool to help you speed up your game creation process. Ask AI to create an NPC behavior pattern, quest logic, cut scene scenario, or level play-through idea - and easily integrate it to your project. Click here to watch the how-to video
  • Increased overall stability of MANU
  • New functionality: Detach, rename functions for prefab character
  • Improvements & Bug fix: Nebula Rivals: Arena; Stellar Conquest Templates
  • Tags migration while copying resources to new project support
  • Compare trigger initiated animation improvements
  • Game Flow: Nodes selection improvement
  • Variables performance improvements including fixing the prefab duplicates error
Bug Fixes
  • Font rendering - fixed
  • Animations and variables renaming - fixed
  • Paint group display - fixed
  • Mesh rendering while camera spinning - fixed
  • MANU crash while working with State Machine - fixed
  • Adding variables for object's duplicates - fixed
  • Inserted animation copying - fixed
  • First launch state machine display - fixed