Upcoming Features
Custom tag system for objects and also in triggers
Animation system development and improvement
• Animations in materials
• Modify objects hierarchy in animation
• Support of global and local object coordinates
• Support of custom game events in animations
• Modify object physics in animation
• Creation of custom objects in animations
• Postprocessing in animation support
Modify imported animations
Animation speed control
Support of conditions IF-THEN and WHILE in animations
Support of state machines
Inverse Kinematics (for calculating the variable joint parameters needed to place the end of a kinematic chain, such as a robot manipulator or animation characters's skeleton)
Animation Blending (smooth transition or combination of two or more animations on a single character or Skeletal Mesh)
Innovative Animation Spreadsheets (modify animations in timeline by using Excel-like cells and importing of animations from Excel sheets)
Automatic creation of animation when editing game object, including object/character movement
Prefabs development and improvement
• Game mechanics synch for similar assets
• Custom parameters assignment for game assets interaction
• Simple test of complex assets in a separate window
• Postprocessing parameters exchange
• Animation assets exchange
Triggers development and improvement
• Drag and drop of trigger parameters
• Creation of animation play conditions when changing objects parameters and/or objects variables (color, location etc.)
• Support of custom game events in triggers
Additional Game InputSystem
• Mouse support
• Touchpad support
• Gamepads support
• Gyroscope support
Asset Store
Creation and support of characters for various genres
Multiplayer Support
Toolkits for various genres
Editing development and improvement
• Support of global and local object coordinates
• Improved cloning of game objects
• Objects pivot change support
• Control of game objects location while coping multiple objects,
including Excel-like formulas support
Game object destruction tool
Sound creation development and improvement
• SFX effects memory preload
• Sound sample in-project modification
• Audio reverb zones
• Sound bus
Support of multiple game cameras
Camera switch with custom cinematographic effects
View interactive project logs directly from editing screen
iOS/Android export
• Ambient occlusion
• Volumetric lighting
• Plant shader
• Volumetric clouds
• Volumetric fog
• DirectX 12 rendering
• Metal rendering
• Postprocessing development - brightness, contrast
• Particle System (rain, snow, fire, smoke, sparks etc.)
Physics development and improvement
• PhysX support
• Compound Colliders support
• Joints and Constraints, including rag dolls support
Game data monitors
• Speed monitor
• Distance monitor
• Ray Test monitor
Game time control
Game UI tool
In-game advertising support, including adding external ad services
In-game purchases support
In-App tutorials
Game levels support