Upcoming Features
Support of 1st or 3rd person characters
Support and tuning of state machines for additional game mechanics
Custom parameters assignment for game assets interaction
Ability to sort and organize project prefabs
Game mechanics synch and tuning for similar assets in prefabs
Ability to assign scene object as a parameter to another object
Feature list 1.2
Added 'Search' feature to speed up project navigation
Added support of native MacOS and iOS Metal Rendering
Ability to assign character engine to any object
Creation of animation play conditions when changing objects variables (Health, Ammo count, item pickup, etc.)
Optimization and improvement of animation system core
Added ability to control character movement and rotation (Character engine) in 'Animation' panel
Creation of animation play conditions when changing character engine status (in example, to check if character is located on ground or floating)
Custom tag system for objects and also in triggers
• Animations in materials
• Modify objects hierarchy in animation
• Support of global and local object coordinates
• Support of custom game events in animations
• Modify object physics in animation
• Creation of custom objects in animations
• Postprocessing in animation support
Modify imported animations
Animation speed control
Support of state machines
Inverse Kinematics (for calculating the variable joint parameters needed to place the end of a kinematic chain, such as a robot manipulator or animation characters's skeleton)
Animation Blending (smooth transition or combination of two or more animations on a single character or Skeletal Mesh)
Innovative Animation Spreadsheets (modify animations in timeline by using Excel-like cells and importing of animations from Excel sheets)
Automatic creation of animation when editing game object, including object/character movement
Prefabs development and improvement
• Game mechanics synch for similar assets
• Custom parameters assignment for game assets interaction
• Simple test of complex assets in a separate window
• Postprocessing parameters exchange
• Animation assets exchange
Triggers development and improvement
• Drag and drop of trigger parameters
• Creation of animation play conditions when changing objects parameters and/or objects variables (color, location etc.)
• Support of custom game events in triggers
Additional Game Input System
• Mouse support
• Touchpad support
• Gamepads support
• Gyroscope support
Asset Store
Editing development and improvement
• Support of global and local object coordinates
• Improved cloning of game objects
• Objects pivot change support
• Control of game objects location while coping multiple objects,
including Excel-like formulas support
Game object destruction tool
Sound creation development and improvement
• SFX effects memory preload
• Sound sample in-project modification
• Audio reverb zones
• Sound bus
Support of multiple game cameras
Camera switch with custom cinematographic effects
View interactive project logs directly from editing screen
iOS/Android export
• Ambient occlusion
• Volumetric lighting
• Plant shader
• Volumetric clouds
• Volumetric fog
• DirectX 12 rendering
• Metal rendering
• Postprocessing development - brightness, contrast
• Particle System (rain, snow, fire, smoke, sparks etc.)
• PhysX support
• Compound Colliders support
• Joints and Constraints, including rag dolls support
Physics development and improvement
• Speed monitor
• Distance monitor
• Ray Test monitor
Game data monitors
Game time control
Game UI tool
In-game advertising support, including adding external ad services
In-game purchases support
In-App tutorials
Game levels support
Support of conditions IF-THEN and WHILE in animations
Animation system development and improvement
Future updates