MANU is proud to introduce its very first game contest!
Simply download MANU for free, create you game, send us a link to download it and you will get a chance to win 1000 USD!
See detailed rules of contest below. Looking forward to seeing your great work.
Can I participate?
Yes! MANU is being made with a purpose of deleting any obstacle between talent and technology. If you have a great idea, just download MANU and show it to the world. Yes, you do not need to code. At all.
How to submit my game?
Simply upload your build to Dropbox or your favorite file sharing service and send us a link on the

You can upload either exported version of your game or completed MANU project.
What are requirements for contested games?
Is there a specific game genre requirement? Or theme?
No genre or theme requirement whatsoever. Make any game you like, but mind that MANU does not offer multiplayer support at the moment.
When can I submit my game?
The contest is on and we accept new submissions until August 11th, 2021.
Which engine I can use for creating my game?
You need to use MANU to create your game.
Is it for teams or individuals?
Anyone and everyone.
Will you provide artwork and/or sound assets?
No, we are only offering you MANU Alpha no-coding technology as a basis for your contest game. Any game assets you need to create yourself or have necessary permissions from the owners.
How do you determine winners?
MANU team will carefully review every submission and select the best ones in terms of design and skill of usage MANU technology. Please, check out full contest guidelines to know more.
What if my game becomes bigger and I cannot complete it in good time?
You are allowed to submit first episode of your full future game, as long it is following contest requirements.
Where can I ask questions or find support?
Please, contact us at our Discord channel.
When will you announce contest results?
A following week of August 16th, 2021, we will announce the winners on this page, and also on MANU official social channels.
How can I get my prize?
Prize funds will be wired to your PayPal account. Shortly after all winners announced, we will communicate with winners to arrange it.
Full terms and conditions
Manu 1st Contest has an Inclusiveness Policy & Code of Conduct and expects all participants to abide by it.
Are there any other rules?
The game must have a minimum overall gameplay time of over 5 minutes. The longer gameplay is, the better chances are there for you to win!

The game must have in-game sounds.

The game must have a finale or winning condition.

The game cannot be an exact copy of any already existing game.

It would be a plus if your game has a cutscene. The cutscene do not need to be story-based but should demonstrate your skills in creating a cutscene in MANU.

Any game assets must either be yours, or you should either permission or license (including creative commons license) to use them for your game.