Consent To Participate In MANU Research

Please review and sign the consent form below
Introductory section: You are invited to take part in a research study conducted by our UX Team at MANU*. Before you decide whether or not to participate in the study, you should read this form and ask questions if there is anything that you do not understand.

Purpose: The purpose of the research study is to receive feedback from our users like you in regard to the Alpha release of our software product MANU Video Game Maker provided through our website at It will help us to tune our platform and ensure that it meets the needs of our audience.

Decision to quit at any time: Your participation in this study is completely voluntary; you are free to change your mind at any time and quit the study. You may skip any tasks or questions that you do not wish to complete or answer. Whatever you decide will carry no negative penalty nor result in loss of benefits or services to which you are otherwise entitled.

What you will do in the study: If you decide to take part in this study, here is what will happen: we will ask you to create a scene in MANU based on the provided guidelines before and during the study to test out its functionality. Prior to the beginning of the study we will ask you to download our application from the sign up form on our website (if you don have it yet). We are interested in learning about your impressions about MANU. Before we begin our study, please review the tutorial videos of MANU on our YouTube channel. During the study you will create a new project in our application and make a small scene based on the given instructions. During the study we will ask you to verbally describe / comment on your actions, including your thoughts / reactions as you interact with our software. We are interested in understanding both positive and negative aspects of experiences you may have had. Your desktop screen will be video recorded and stored on a password-protected cloud service. This video file will be used for the research purposes only. Lastly, upon the completion of the test session we will ask you a few questions about your user testing experience in the form of a semi-structured interview. During this interview we will also ask you some basic demographic questions. As a participant in this research, you may stop at any time, you may ask questions at any time, you may leave at any time, there is no deception involved, your answers are kept confidential.

Time required: Participation in this research will take approximately 45-60 minutes.

Risks or discomforts: While we will not record your identifiable information for our study, there is a possibility that this information could be accidentally disclosed. For example, if your name or Zoom username was inadvertently revealed during the video recording, it could be associated with your answers provided during this interview. However, our team at Manu are taking measures to protect your data, including anonymizing your username for all media that is published or presented publicly.

Benefits of this study: Although there will be no direct benefit to you for taking part in this study, this research aims to make contributions to our fellow community of developers and game designers by enhancing our product and services in video games making.

Results of the study: The results of this study will be compiled in a form of a written report and used for MANU's internal purposes only. The results will not become public information. All information and data collected during the study will be owned by MANU.

Confidentiality: The information that you give in the study will be handled confidentially. Your responses will be assigned an anonymous subject name. With your permission, we would like to video screen-capture your interactions in MANU platform and audio-record your interview. The audio-recorded interview will be stored as an audio file on a password-protected cloud service. We will ask your permission to retain this media and any corresponding data for future research purposes (see below).

Anonymity: Your name will not be collected or linked to your answers. The information that you give in the process of study will be anonymized after completion of the study. Because of the nature of the data, it may be possible to deduce your identity; however, we will make no attempt to do so and your data will be reported in a way that will keep your identity confidential. Our UX research team will protect your privacy and keep the collected information confidential unless disclosure is required under the law by appropriate state authorities or courts.

Permission to possess data beyond the end date of the study: We would like your permission to keep your data and any media captured for use in future research analysis that continue to enhance your user experience in MANU platform. If you agree, the media captured during the study will be stored on a password-protected cloud service for indefinite period. If you do not agree, we will destroy any non-anonymized data within one year after the date of data collection.

Rights and Concerns: If you have any questions, concerns, or complains regarding this study, please contact Anna Kolesnichenko at, or Oleg Kostrikin at

Signing this document electronically means that you understand the information given to you in this form and that you voluntarily agree to participate in the user research described above.

Signing this document electronically means that you understand the information given to you in this form and that you voluntarily agree to participate in the user research described above.