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Right before your eyes, you will see the amazing transformation of a painting by Pieter Bruegel into a 3D Game.
Game Development Diary
The Birdman, one of the characters in 'Dulle Griet', is one of the colorful abodes of Hell, which has been serving a sentence for about 600 years. When the world was devastated by the unceasing plague epidemic, he was a great alchemist who invented a cure for this condition. However, greed consumed him and instead of helping millions of people, he sold the medicine only to rich nobles.In hell, he was turned into a bird without wings, as a symbol of unrealized opportunities.

You can also learn more about its history, visit the alchemical laboratory of the bird-man and take part in the creation of a cure for the plague.

The MANU team refined the design of the Bird-Man and added the Plague Doctor mask to him. This helped to strengthen the relationship between its history and appearance. At the same time, the general resemblance to the original has been preserved.
The Birdman, one of the characters in 'Dulle Griet'
Dec 17, 2021
Pieter Bruegel's painting is overflowing with various creatures, one of which is a bird which vaguely resembles a heron, but without wings, feathers, and with a leather shell on its back.

We tried to transfer it from the painting to 3D, adding a little of our vision, and at the same time keeping the connection with the original.

Have we managed to keep the spirit of the 'Dulle Griet' painting? Share your impressions.
Transferring the characters of the painting in 3D
Dec 6, 2021
We continue to work on the Dulle Griet game, which is created with MANU VIDEO GAME MAKER without a single line of code. One of the special features of Dulle Griet is the melee system, thanks to which the player will need to study the behavior of enemies, make their attacks in time, and also dodge enemy attacks.

We would like to demonstrate a prototype of this system on the current MANU Engine version. As a reference, we focused on such a legendary game as Blade of Darkness - the ancestor of the hardcore Dark Souls series.

Dulle Griet Game will feature different types of enemies, which will differ in their behavior in battle, as well as their weapons.

In the future, you can add a ready-made melee combat system to your MANU project, modify it and use it in your game.
Melee combat prototype
Dec 2, 2021
We continue to talk about the "Dulle Griet" project, which is created on the MANU Engine without a single line of code.
During his adventures in the underworld, the main character Peter will meet many amazing characters, one of which is Barrel man.

His name is fully consistent with his appearance. In his earthly life, he was a drunkard and after falling into Hell was turned into a humanoid barrel with a stinking liquid inside.

You will be able to learn the history of Barrel man, complete several quests, and even take part in a drunken brawl from his earthly life.
Barrel man. NPC from Dulle Griet Game
Nov 23, 2021
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Have you ever dreamed of being the main character of your favorite game, book, or a movie? But what if you find yourself not in the beloved galaxy far, far away, and not in the world of fairy princesses, but Hell. Hell, invented by Pieter Bruegel almost 500 years ago.

This is exactly what happened to 'lucky' main character of the game "Dulle Griet". Getting in the middle of a crazy battle between the armies of Hell defenders and Mad Greta, simple guy Peter tries to survive and figure out how to get back.

This is the story of an ordinary person who relies on his decisions and becomes a real hero of Hell.

Peter will have to meet incredible characters, each of with its own story, get to know both sides of the conflict, and maybe even meet Mad Greta herself!

All of it is made possible by MANU Video Game Maker, an innovative game engine that allows you to create the games of your dreams without coding skills.
The protagonist of the game "Dulle Griet"
Nov 10, 2021
You can run through the location, seeing unusual and memorable characters, as well as unique buildings that were previously only visible in Peter Bruegel's painting of the same name.

The MANU team is working on creating a game based on this painting. While working on the location, we drew attention to the need to increase engine performance, and the MANU team is already working on optimization solutions.

We are confident that, with the help of the MANU engine, each of you will be able to create even more fascinating locations. MANU Video Game Maker is intended to allow you to live out your fantasies and create a dream game without any coding knowledge.
We are glad to share the first overview of the location of hell from the game 'Dulle Griet'.
Nov 6, 2021
Ideas for inspiration can be anything. For the MANU team, such an idea was the painting 'Dulle Griet'.

We want to tell an exciting story using Peter Bruegel's unique drawing style, colorful characters, an unusual setting.
The MANU team develops game mechanics that allow the player to be involved in the narrative: character dialogues, side quests, detailed character stories. In the future, you will also be able to use these developments for your game.

By using our example, we will talk about the challenges of developing a game and how to solve them using the MANU engine.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but we believe that MANU engine will allow you to create games in any setting and genre, use the most complex game mechanics without coding or programming skills.
Nov 4, 2021
What can inspire you to create a video game: the book you read or a movie, or TV series that you watched?