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Star Seeker - Third Person Shooter, Adventure
A boy awakens in a dark forest by a star who asks him to save others of their kind from a Star Devourer. Lead the boy through a hostile territory, find all the objects and fight the monsters - and shed a light on the sinister surroundings. And remember- even in the darkest moments you can find your beacon of light.
Nebula Rivals: Arena - Multiplayer, FPS, Shooter, Action
It's the first ever MANU network first person game inspired by classic old Quake and Doom arenas. Explore the space base with a team of 4 friends, make sure to heal yourself when wounded, and of course avoid getting killed!
Subway of the Dead - FPS, Shooter, Horror, Action
Forget your boring sleepy day-to-day commutes: this time you need to fight. Fight for your life. Try to get rid of all the zombies and reach the surface - or be eaten up.
Goat Scourge - TPS, Adventure, Quest
Quiet village life is disturbed by the attack of the Ogre Sorcerer, who needs goat bones for his magical experiments. The beloved pet goat of a village boy is stolen - and he risks it all to save the goat's life. Help him retrieve his pet - and explore the village and its outskirts in our game.
Husky Adventures - Third Person, Adventure
Dr. John Husky is a world-famous doctor and adventurer. This time his difficult journey will take him through the jungles of South America. Enjoy the low poly atmosphere, and solve our witty quests that will help you not only get through the jungles, but also to get some diamonds and feed your sense of adventure!
Floral Warfare - 2D, 8bit
Nostalgic 2D platformer with recognizable props, characters and mobs! Can you solve the quest, get out of the labyrinth, collect all the money, and NOT get destroyed by a deathly seed?
Dulle Griet - To be released; Benchmark project for future releases: aiming for AAA quality
What will you do if you suddenly find yourself in a weird, medieval Brueghel-esque place? When the creatures you side with are sinners, the barrels walk and talk, and the fight is imminent? Unsheathe your sword - and let the battle begin.
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