MANU 1st game contest
is finished!
To determine winners, we asked our whole team to vote on a 6 metrics: sound quality, visual quality, cutscene quality, gameplay, features mastery, features creativity.

We are grateful for all your submissions, and here are the results.
The Curse
by daytaurato
Platformer story-based adventure game. The cursed king has to find a way to obtain freedom and defeat evil wizard. So far, it is one of the best demoes made on MANU engine, with the introduction of cutscenes, in-game interface, rich sound environment and variable gameplay. Well-deserved first place, scoring 349 points from our team!
MANU First Person Horror
by Igor Konyakhin
Spooky randomly generated dungeon. Player must find an exit before enemies will catch you. While the game looks quite simple, Igor made a few mechanics, which are not even listed as MANU features yet, namely first-person view and procedural maze, scoring 134 points.
Bunny Adventure
by Nickius
Short, but challenging platformer game. Help a little bunny to get all carrots and leave a dangerous meadow. The game was in tight competition for the 2nd place and subsided by only 8 points, getting 126 points total. Out team appreciates a familiar mechanics and a challenge to reach the end of the level.
Once again, thank you so much for all your submissions.
Looking forward to see more of your great works in future contests!