MANU Blog #1:
Update 1.1 and beyond
There are so many news and wonderful updates about out project, which we would like to share with you on a regular basis, so we've decided it is now time to take a pen.

From a very beginning, our goal was, and still is, to create the easiest and most convenient tool for creative people to make their dream game a reality. You do not need to spend a lot of time to learn programming language and get along with complicated software.
Hi there,
welcome to the very first MANU development update.
All you would need is to just open MANU and start creating.
Being a small team, it is an ambitious goal, but we believe we can realize all out ideas and dreams, to remove final barriers between talent and gamers. To fill the world with a lot of wonderful new games, which were not meant to be otherwise, as programming is a quite complicated and time consuming task to master.
This spring, we revealed MANU early Alpha. We are overwhelmed with your inspiring and warm reception and been working even harder to deliver our first update. You had an opportunity to see our approach to simplify animation, as you can customize and launch any animation at any point of the game. Now it is even easier, as you can reuse animation in just a few clicks. Also, you can make animations more complex with simple Excel-like formulas.

Of course, we hear you feedback, so it is now possible not only to change main character, but also its animation as well. And, similar to animation approach, you can now reuse any game assets or objects in your game. Just import it from your favorite library and use in any way you want.
Physically Based Rendering
We've also been spending a lot of time on visuals and interface. New support of PBR (Physically Based Rendering) will help you to deliver a great looking game. And UI is now even simpler, as we've improved our 3 development engine modes, introduced new interface colors to make it more convenient to navigate.
And you can now create simple logic patterns straight in the timeline. Those of you, who enjoy making videos in a popular video editing software, will feel right at home.
Last, but not least, you can now export your game to PC and Mac, as you please.
But those are just words. To show you the result of our work in these past few months. We've created a new demo game, so you can see many new features firsthand and also evaluate how many things you can create in MANU with just your imagination and talent.
See for yourself. We are introducing a new section on our website – The Roadmap. There are many exciting features planned – state machines, assets store, additional genres support, asset kits, even more simple ways to work on tasks and animations, and much more. Of course, we also give a lot of effort to bring you more detailed and yet simple engine manuals and video tutorials. It would be our focus as well; learning process will be simple, and UI self-explanatory. As one of the learning features, we consider full step-by-step tutorial right inside the engine for new users to catch up fast and easy. This is also based on your feedback.

In the upcoming months, the main website will also be completely redesigned. We've already started to work on visuals, but we also want to improve our ways to communicate with you and hear your feedback. As such, forum section on the website is coming soon. Meanwhile, you wish to change MANU course or give us your thoughts – just use this link to a small form and define what kind of approach you'd like us to be focused on.
And how about the future?
After all, we are not doing this project just for ourselves. It is meant to be your tool, your way to create videogames and share it with world, without it taking too much time for unnecessary learning and studying. We are committed to the project, to this goal, it is our passion, and we will deliver. Beta is already on the horizon.